Project Description


gamED: Gamification for Developing Essential Competencies in Youth Work

Project Summary

The Project aims to develop youth workers’ capacity to improve the quality of programs aiming at developing key competencies that lead to a successful life and instill in youth core values of fairness, social justice, involvement in the community, by learning gamification & game design for developing & delivering innovative curriculums.

6 partners from 3 European countries (Portugal, Romania, Spain) propose a complex multi-layered intervention, in the framework of a project having the following this general objective. The complementary expertise of the consortium members will be of great use in ensuring a full package of using Gamification for Developing Essential Competencies in Youth Work.


Specific Objectives

  1. Creating a series of 4 tools to support youth workers in delivering and creating quality educational programs for youth by using gamification in different educational sectors.
  2. Fostering the development of key competencies and values for min. 420 youth involved in gamification processes.
  3. Raising awareness and knowledge regarding how to use gamification in youth work through face-to-face and online dissemination of project outputs for min. 7,090 people.
  4. By the end of the project, a full package of using gamification and (board) game-based learning will be available and ready to be used with and/or for 14-24 y.o. the youth of different socio-economical backgrounds and other specificities, in a wide range of contexts:
    • Gamified Learning Contents on Key Competencies (GLC) – with 10 relevant key competencies gamified
    • Hi-Quest 2.0 Board Game an educational journey of conquering cities impersonating essential competencies based on the Hero’s Journey and team work
    • Guidelines on how to co-create gamified contents together with participants in nonformal and formal contexts – a tool encouraging youth workers to involve their beneficiaries when planning learning processes for them and teaching them how to use gamification in competencies’ development programs.


gamED ⇒  is an ERASMUS+ PROGRAMME, approved by the European Commission under grant agreement number: 2020-3-RO01-KA205-095067. This project has been funded from the European commission.


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