World University Service (WUS) is an association committed to the right to education, declared as a human right, based on the basis of university academic freedom and autonomy. WUS, chaired by WUS Canada, has created a broad federation with independent committees in more than forty countries, and has consultative status with the United Nations and UNESCO.

WUS- International was founded in Switzerland in 1920, on the initiative of the World Federation of Christian Students (WSCF). This is one of the oldest organizations in the educational field.

At the moment, the World University Service-International network is composed by reference members with representation in the following countries:

  • Europe: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Germany, England and Romania.
  • America: Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico and Uruguay.
  • Africa: Eritrea, Lesotho, Nigeria, Rwanda, Swaziland, and Zambia
  • Asia: India, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Korea and Vietnam.

WUSMED is a politically independent association, committed to the promotion of international academic cooperation and the establishment of bridges between the academic world and the professional world.
The vision of WUSMED is to participate in the promotion of international projects in higher education and in conjunction with other social and educational actors as a key factor in the socio-economic and educational aspect of the Mediterranean area.

Our main objectives are:
• Promote, coordinate, develop and evaluate activities of international cooperation for sustainable human development in the Mediterranean countries.
• Develop education, training, communication and research aimed at responding to social, economic and cultural needs for the development of societies and focusing on questions of common interest with the Mediterranean countries.
• Collaborate in the management of educational centers and organizations in order to promote development, innovation and initial and permanent training
• Promote the transfer of knowledge between universities, companies and social organizations, through the exchange of knowledge and the development of joint projects.
• Start and participate in international academic and social cooperation projects of interest to institutions, universities, and organizations.
• Organize activities and disseminate information about competitions, awards, seminars, courses, conferences, academic meetings and other educational and social events.

WUSMED Association, with the designation World University Service of the Mediterranean, is constituted as an entity that regulates its activities in accordance with the provisions of Law 4/2008, of 24 April, Book Third of the Civil Code of Catalonia, on legal entities, and LO 1/2002 of March 22, on the Law of associations and their bylaws.

Name: World University Service of the Mediterranean.
Acronym: WUSMED.
Founded: 2010.
Registry Office: Department of Justice in Girona.
Registration number: 43696
Members: All physical persons, legal entities and organizations that are committed to the vision and objectives of this association can be members of WUSMED.
Association: General Assembly board of directors Committees and working groups.

WUSMED Board is appointed every 2 years to the General Assembly. Thus, the General Assembly has the function of orientating the association at the strategic level and the Executive Board is responsible for administering its activities.

The Board is made up of:
• Josep Juandó Bosch, president
• Montserrat Palma, secretary
• Magui Perez Cabani, treasurer


Meet our main team of experts working next to an extense network including experts on the field.

Josep Juando Bosch

  Graduated as teacher of primary school (Girona 1975), in Sciences of Education (Autonomous University of Barcelona, 1980) and PhD by the University of...

Estel Guillaumes Vilarrasa
Project financial Manager

  Project Manager (2017), Master in International Cooperation (2012) and graduated in Business and Management (2011) by the University of Girona, Estel is the...

Denisa Gibovic
Director executive

  Graduated in German and Slavic Philology and Political Science, University of Vienna, Austria (1999); Master in Management of International Projects by the Technic

Maria Lluïsa Pérez Cabani
PhD in Psychology and Senior lecturer in the field of Developmental and Educational Psychology

Magüi Pérez Cabaní  has a  PhD in Psychology and was Senior Lecturer at the Universitat de Girona in the field of Developmental and Educational...

Bogdana Marchis
Project Manager Support

Administrative technician by Ilerna Online She has a long experience in sustainable projects in tourism on the private sector. She also has experience in...