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Inclusive methodologies

The process of European integration has been based on key values such as peace, democracy, freedom and tolerance. However, these values are currently in risk because of socio-economic problems, violent extremism and a lack of trust in democratic processes. The role of education and training, and more specifically citizenship education is very important in addressing these challenges. However, citizenship education in Europe is usually limited in scope and in the approach and cannot provide to the students a full ownership of the democratic values in which our societies are based. Therefore there is a need to use a method able to promote effective and constructive interaction with others, critical thinking, acting in a socially responsible manner and acting democratically. In order to cover these needs, the project aims to promote the use of the dialectic method in citizenship education in a school context.

The method, established 2.500 years ago is a very important element of the European intangible cultural heritage and promotes rational argumentation, gradual discovery of the knowledge and focuses on wider concepts and ideas (for example humanism, justice, freedom etc), fact which allows the deep understanding of fundamental values.


The project is going to combine the dialectic method with theatre techniques in order to establish a safer environment in which students can express themselves more freely. It is going to develop a methodology based on these elements and then, it is going to develop a guidance book for teachers and organise training of teachers in order to upscale the method. The training will be organised both face to face and through e-learning with participants all over Europe. The methods are going to be practically implemented in schools and community and policy networks will be developed to sustain upscaling. Impact assessment will measure the impact of the method to school students and will form the basis for further improvements and upscaling.



In the final stage of the project as a measure to facilitate the implementation and as a sustainability strategy, we have recorded a complete workshop about theatrical dynamics. We asked to an expert actor that works in the classroom with teachers and students, to teach and dynamize these theatre techniques.


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