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Project Summary

Open Badges are digital badges designed in a format that make them shareable on different platforms in dedicated spaces (“backpacks”). Open Badge allow individuals to demonstrate the various skills and experience they have acquired. In the context of Open Science, sharing data generated or used by research teams represents a new area that implies new skills. Various training programs actions have been implemented and it becomes now necessary to identify, evidentiate and accredit those new skills towards stakeholders of scientific research, public or private.

General objective:

Creating a practical guide that will include the technical specificities and issues of Open Badges (OB), roles and skills related to RDM and principles for the application of OB to RDM.
Creating a collaborative network, a small ecosystem of Open Badges in Open Science at European level to acknowledge acquired competences in sharing and managing research data in the framework of the Open Science.
Unlike a certificate, an Open Badge does not rely on an existing framework but evidentiate skills implied for the achievement of a specific activity. Thus, it is desirable to attribute the Open Badge as close as possible to the targeted activity in order to implement an ecosystem where different roles are identified :

  • Animation of the ecosystem: The ecosystem is animated (awareness, training, intermediation…) by a facilitators within the network of partners; Attribution / Validation: badges are delivered by stakeholders in the management and sharing of Research Data (data repositories, scientific organizations, training organizations, companies Research and Development departments, scientific journals, trainers …), to actors of this process (researchers, research support staff but also advanced students, especially PhD students).
  • Method: After an initial review of the processes of RDM and of the stakeholders of these processes and a first draft of the competences implied, the first phase of the project will concentrate on the training of the facilitators.In a second phase the badges will be build through collaboration between facilitators and stakeholders. Practicaly two kinds of badges will be made: the badges linked to training / teaching actions and badges linked to RDM processes, in a more exploratory way. Once made, the badges will be implemented on the partners platforms.
  • Outputs : At the end of the project, a set of Open Badges for RDM competences will be at the disposal of the science communities.
    An expertise on OB will be implemented in the partners organisations lacking it.
    A practical guide will be available for all persons interested in open badges and their implementation.
    The training materials realized for the facilitators will be open to other audiences interested by the OB methodology.
    The building of the badges with the stakeholders will be the occasion of a better and more precise analysis of the competences mobilized in RDM processes, and the initial framework will be amended and completed for publication and contribution to ESCO.

OBERRED, is an ERASMUS+ PROGRAMME  approved by the European Commission under grant agreement number 2019-1-FR01-KA203-063056. This project has been funded from the European commission.




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