Project Description

HANDS: traditional craft Heritage trAining, design and marketing in jorDan and Syria


Project Summary

The Project Aims To Adopt A Policy Of Traditional Craft Vocational Rehabilitation Of A Qualitative High Level Of Education By Linking Them With University Higher Education Courses, Mainly Architectural Design, Interior Design, Conservation And Preservation Of Architectural Heritage, In Order To Develop The Methodologies, Mechanisms And The Conditions Necessary For Knowledge Transformation And Success And To Enhance The Traditional Craft Working Environment. For That, Establishing This Project In The ME Countries, Will Control And Reform The Education And Training Of Traditional Crafts In The Right Direction Towards The Needs And Requirements Of Labour Markets, Inside And Outside ME.

Promoting Traditional Craft Vocational Training Courses

In This Project, A Traditional Craft Vocational Training Courses Will Be Applied For The Students To Enhance And To Develop Their Abilities And To Build Bridges Between Their Theoretical Study And The Needs Of Practical World. Undergraduate Students Should Develop Their Abilities By Involving In Different Training And Outreach Programs And Specifically Traditional Vocational Craft Training Programs Under The Supervision Of The Jordanian And Syrian Master Craftsmen To Ensure The Essential Of Knowledge Transfer And Experience. Also, In This Project, One Of The Main Aims Is To Develop And To Enhance The Staff Abilities Who Will Lead The Traditional Craft Vocational Training. In This Project, An Academic Design And Production Environment Will Be Created, That Motivates Students, Trainees, And Enhances Their Design, Production And Marketing Skills And Values. By That Undergraduate Course Programs Will Be Implemented To Meeting The Traditional Craft Labour Market Needs.

This Project Will Provide Practice Oriented Career Relevant Education In Short And Intense Courses That Lead To Accredited Vocational Courses, Preparing Graduates For A Professional Practice In Craft Heritage Projects Through Establishing A Traditional Craft Centre In Jordan And Syria That Will Provide:

  • Developing the managerial and marketing skills of craftsmen through courses that addresses the market needs
  • Assist the transfer of experience of current craft masters skills via training courses to Jordan and Syria in which it will help in creation of common adapted model of skills training courses
  • Enriching vocational craft skills and training experience with EU teaching craft skills training experience
  • Establishing connections between the academic education and the traditional craftsmen society.


The Heritage Craft Centre Will Be Established During The Project Lifetime. The Centre Will Be Sustained Via Links To The Craft Market In Jordan And Syria. EU Partners Will Help In Training, Design And Marketing Of Craft Heritage Projects Which Is Essential To Transfer This Knowledge And Experience To Jordan And Syria. Professionals In The Traditional Craft Business Will Help In Promoting And Marketing Of The Products And Will Help To Sustain The Centres. Beside That The Centre Will Be Sustained Via Academic Courses And Training Programs To Students Enrolled In The Involved Universities.

HANDS, is an ERASMUS+ PROGRAMME Project Number: 610238-EPP-1-2019-1-JOEPPKA2-CBHE-JP, approved by the European Commission under grant agreement number 2019-1989/001-001. This project has been funded from the European commission.



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