Muinin Confidence

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Muinin Confidence

-Building Institutional Confidence in Work/life learning and Experience RPL EQUAL Ireland

The rationale for the project is based on partnership needs analysis and a range of national and EU research on the topic of RPL and disadvantaged learners. The 2014 EU report on RPL cites the lack of awareness and understanding among disadvantaged learners of the potential value of RPL. It recommends strengthening information advice and guidance (IAG) provision, a challenge which will be addressed in this project through making this a key role of the Mentor/Facilitator functions.

This 2014 Report further states that disadvantaged groups are particularly likely to benefit from RPL as it is seen to be a useful tool supporting social inclusion. (European inventory convalidation of non formal and informal learning 2014 Executive Summary). Importantly therefor

e disadvantaged learners are the primary target group in this proposal. The EU Inventory has pointed to the urgent need for guidance and counseling to provide support to the individual in every step of the RPL process. ‘This is an area in relation to which there has not been a significant improvement over the situation in 2010’.


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The project seeks to deal with an EU wide challenge which de

mands an EU wide response. The EU Council recommendation (C398/3) calls for Member states to put in place, by no later than 2018, arrangements to enable individuals to have access to a practical usable RPL system while simultaneously it has identified a number of challenges inhibiting this objective and which this project seeks to address: namely Access, Awareness, Guidance, Fragmentation and the Professionalisation of Supports.

Project Details

  • ClientP. Number: 2016-1-IE01-KA204-0016921 European Comission