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“Creating Moldovan E-network for promoting innovative e-teaching in the continuing professional education”

Promoting Continuing Professional Education in Moldova (MD) in the sense of fostering Lifelong Learning is one of the priorities stated in the national Strategy Education 2020 and Code of Education. As a consequence thereof, teaching staff should be well prepared to these pedagogical challenges, which increasingly require the implementation of innovative and participative learning-teaching approaches enabling teachers to provide their courses more efficiently in different socio-pedagogical contexts, if primary, VET, HE, or LLL.

Since pedagogy becomes more interdisciplinary, especially with a view to introduction of web & ICT technologies in teaching & learning, appropriate skills are increasingly required from teacher educators. Due to the lack of trainers both in MD, who can teach other to design and implement e-learning courses as well as to create learning situations in which trainees are encouraged to outline their own objectives and to operate with increasing autonomy, the present project proposal aims at developing and introduction of two new modules “e-teaching for teacher educators” and “Innovative pedagogical approaches”.

These modules will be tested, accredited by National Agency of Quality Assurance in Professional Education, and integrated into the learning programs of CPE for teachers at participating Moldavan PU.


New opportunities

To facilitate wider implementation of e-technologies in CPE, 5 existing CPE courses will be selected, redesigned according to the blended learning approach, tested, and serve as references for further modernization of curricula.Appropriate technical, didactical, methodical, and organisational support of teaching staffand trainees by creating and utilizing eLearning-based courses will be ensured by Centres of CPE (CCPE), which will be established and networked during the project life at MD PU. Network will be supported by e-platform to facilitate open exchange of e-learning/e-teaching experiences.

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