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“Modernization of tEaching meThodologies in higher education: EU experience for Jordan and Palestinian territory ”

The project aims at modernization of Higher education methodologies with the cooperation of EU-experience, by establishing a well-equipped center, which engages technology with teaching process and it will be used to train Professors, Lecturers, Trainers, and Trainees in the best practicing of Information communication technology (ICT) in education. The project’s wider objective is to ensure that universities in Jordan are placed in a position to offer quality education compatible with European standards in order to graduate professional leaders who can meet market needs of the country. Its direct aim is to enhance the capacity and enable Jordanian partner universities to modernize educational programmes with state-of-of-the-art educational technologies.


New opportunities

This objective will be achieved through the following activities:

> Training of University staff lecturers on best practicing of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Technology
> Follow-up lecturers to develop Course material based on best practices in utilizing ICT in education.
> Establish a well equipped Center for development and modernizing higher educational methodologies. Through providing courses on best practices in utilizing ICT in education.
> Build up hop of knowledge in the center shared by Jordanian and Palestinian universities
> Center nod to communicate inside and outside University.
> Training of future teacher on best practices in utilizing ICT in education.
> Organize and arrange a workshop
> Mutual visits to Europe.
> Dissemination outcome broadly in Jordanian and Palestinian Universities through portal and workshops.
> Create variable clusters of targeted discipline (medicine, Engineering, science, … etc.) for developing best practices in utilizing ICT in education (This will guarantee sustainability).

All project’s partners have rich experience in education and successful track record and active participation in Tempus projects which will ensure that the consortium will achieve METHODS objectives.

Project Details

  • CategoryP. Number: 561940-EPP-1-2015-1-JO-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP European Comission
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