Project Description





Management of competences

The AQUAdemia project encourages structured and results driven cooperation ventures between universities and companies, bridging the gap between the two sectors in the area of water-related industries, research centers and higher education institutions (HEIs). The system we aim to create should ensure the continuous and sustainable transfer of information and the application of this information for each actor, as well as constant improvement of the educational offer, training, internships, curriculum development and exchange of people and ideas related to the water industries.


The «talent crisis» requires

Through its international consortium, AQUAdemia joins forces to design innovative and sustainable ways of increasing human capital in one of the crucial sectors for the future in terms of environmental and economic development, namely water-related industries. The project contains a series of key actions that can be visually summarized as follows:

The expected impact is to strengthen the role of HEIs as engines of innovation and to increase employability, creativity and innovative potential of all parties involved (students, research and teaching staff, practitioners).

Project Details

  • CategoryP. Number: 540441-LLP-1-2013-1-ES-ERASMUS-EKA